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Tree Trimming

Trimming trees can revitalize any landscape

Tree trimming in Edgewood, KY

Hiring a professional for your tree trimming is important for the health and care of your trees. Our reputable tree company has years of experience and customer reviews you can count on. Removing unwanted branches may also be necessary to protect people and property from damage caused by falling branches. If you live in Kenton or Boone counties, reach out today!

Keeping your trees healthy

Tree pruning is one of the more important steps for keeping trees in good health. It is essential for maintaining a strong structure and helping to ensure the long-term survival of your trees. Pruning helps to control the tree’s size, and shape and encourages healthy balanced growth. A bonus to trimming your trees is your landscape appeal. If you go with tree trimming where we thin out branches and remove lower limbs, it can raise your tree canopy and create a whole different look.

Clark Tree Service trimming tree in front of home

Find out if your tree could use trimming

With us, you can expect great customer service with easy communication, affordable pricing, and honest work. Our aim is to develop lasting relationships and a resource for our customers to return to when they need us. For your tree trimming evaluation, give us a call at 859-743-8658.

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