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Trees are an essential part of our environment and a beautiful addition to any property. Unfortunately, there are times it becomes necessary to remove a tree due to damage, disease, or simply want more green space. Hiring a professional tree removal service is the safest and most efficient way to go. At Clark Tree Service, we are the experts in handling the safe removal of any size tree. This includes emergency tree removal when the time is critical. Our service areas include Edgewood, KY, and all of Kenton and Boone counties.

Spotting dead or dying trees

Many property owners have to make the decision of whether a tree is hazardous, and if so, what to do about it. While trees are highly desirable, they can also be a liability. Dead limbs may not seem a big deal, but a large limb falling from a tall tree can pose serious injury and needs to be removed sooner than later. Trees with weak root systems, diseased, or damaged can fall more easily and without warning. Aside from the obvious dead limbs or absence of leaves, signs like missing bark or hollowed-out trees could indicate a dead or dying tree and need to be evaluated by a professional.

Tree stump in front yard of home

Tree stump removal

Whether you are looking to trim, prune, or remove a tree, the stump should never be left behind. Stump removal is recommended for the health and safety of your surrounding property and environment. If done correctly it can also help promote the growth of new vegetation.

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We can quickly identify trees on your property that may be dead or dying and are potential hazards. For tree removal, pruning, or stump removal, rely on Clark Tree Service for reliable and affordable services. Call us at 859-743-8658.

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