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Storm Damage Repair

We clean up broken limbs and fallen trees

Storm damage repairs in Edgewood, KY

If recent storms have caused a lot of damage to your property like fallen trees and broken tree limbs, you probably have a mess on your hands and are wondering who to call. Well, we’re glad you found us. We offer 24/7 emergency tree services and a full-scale list of tree services to get your property cleaned up in a jiffy.

24/7 Emergency tree services

Our team at Clark Tree Service will be right over to assess the situation for safety concerns and will begin to clean up once it’s safe. We remove trees from across roadways, trees that have hit your home or vehicle, and trees and large limbs that are lying in your yard. Keep in mind if a tree has hit your house or vehicle, we will be working closely with other entities to get things cleaned up. Insurance claims, for example, will need to be handled in the proper manner.

Tree branch broken from storm

Call us for professional tree service

Direct tree damage like broken limbs can be stressful, and fallen trees can make things worse. Make the process easier by having a professional tree company on your side. Call Clark Tree Service at 859-743-8658 for help.

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